Ahmose, Son of Abana Dynasty 17th Dynasty 18th Dynasty

 Ahmose, Son of Abana Dynasty 17th Dynasty 18th Dynasty

Ahmose, Son of Abana
Ahmose, Son of Ebana served in the Egyptian Military under the Pharaohs Tao II Seqenenre, Ahmose, Amenhotep I, and Thutmose I.
During the war to expel the Hyksos from Egypt, Ahmose decided to follow in his father Abana's footsteps, and he enlisted in the navy during the reign of Tao II Seqenre.
After the deaths of Tao II Seqenre and his son Kamose, Ahmose continued to serve under Pharaoh Ahmose. Ahmose participated in the battle of Avaris (the Hyksos capital), where he killed two Hyksos and was awarded the "Gold of Valor" twice. Ahmose was awarded slaves and other spoils by the Pharaoh after Avaris was sacked. Ahmose also participated in three of the sieges of Sharahen for which he was rewarded.
Under the reign of Thutmose I, Ahmose participated in several major military campaigns against insurgent Hyksos tribes in the Nile Delta. Ahmose accompanied Thutmose I as he pursued the tribes all the way to the Euphrates River. In Nubia, Ahmose went with an expedition beyond the Third Cataract where Thutmose I engaged a Nubian king in hand to hand combat and slew the Nubian king. According to one of Ahmose' reports, upon victory Thutmose I had the Nubian king's body hung from the prow of his ship, before he returned to Thebes.
Ahmose was elevated to the rank of admiral an exact or even a general date of this promotion is not known.

His autobiography has survived intact on the wall of his tomb and has proven a valuable source of information on the late 17th Dynasty and the early 18th Dynasty of Egypt.
Ahmose and his grandson Paheri :
The Northwall of the Tomb is divided into two registers.
There are two couples seated, the larger couple in the upper register are Ahmose and his wife Iput.
In the front of them an offerings table and a Baboon under the seat eating fruit.
Before the Couple one of their sons. Paheri and other Sons and Daughters are also beside them.

At the West-Wall of the Tomb a Kheker frieze above reliefs showing Ahmose and his Family
in two registers.
Paheri his grandson, on the left in the upper register offering to Hathor, Osiris, Anubis and re-Horakty.
Also on the lower register is a similair scene, but this one is smaller.


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