El Kab

El Kab

El Kab is perhaps most famous for its beautiful Tombs, but there are also a few Temple ruins in the area. This region was sacred to the goddess Nekhbet, "She of Nekhen", who was the Goddess of Upper Egypt.
The hole Area is called Hieraconpolis and there are remains of all periods, from Predynastic to Ptolemaic.
This site will show you the remains of the New Kingdom and what already is open to visit.

There are a few Temples left from the New Kingdom

  1. The Chapel of Toth, Built by Setau, Visor of Kush, under Ramses II
  2. The Temple of Amenhotep III and Tuthmoses IV, a small Temple dedicated to Hathor and Nekhbet
  3. The Temple built by Rameses II, restored by Ptolemies VIII-X and has a stela of Rameses II, cut into the facade. The reliefs inside the Temple are not very good preserved, but the reliefs near the steps and at the courtyard have been restored.
There are 4 Tombs open for the public and more Tombs are in restoration and will be opened in the future.
  1. Paheri
  2. Setau
  3. Ahmose Son of Abana
  4. Renini


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