Photographs of the Pyramid of Unas and Surrounds

High resolution scans of the negatives used in Alexandre Piankoff's 'The Pyramid of Unas'


The first seven images presented here are high-resolution scans of negatives used for the edited (and, hence, sometimes different) images in Alexandre Piankoff, The Pyramid of Unas (Bollingen Series 40; Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1968).
I located the original negatives in 2010 through a combination of sleuthing, intuition and assistance from the Brooklyn Museum. Dr Richard Steiner then had these scans made, with support from Yeshiva University to accompany his new book, Early Northwest Semitic Serpent Spells in the Pyramid Texts (Harvard Semitic Studies 61; Eisenbrauns, 2011). The last image is from the Brooklyn Museum's Lantern Slide collection.

Colour photographs of the inside and outside of the pyramid of Unas
photo of Unas pyramid insidephoto of Unas pyramid



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