The Westcar Papyrus

The Westcar Papyrus

In 1997, the list translated the last two tales from this papyrus. It is now proposed to work through the remainder of the papyrus, starting at the beginning. This includes two tales that have only partially survived, plus a third tale about a boating party that survives relatively intact.

The Westcar Papyrus contains a cycle of five stories about marvels performed by the lector priests. The setting for each involves the tale being told at the court of Khufu by his sons.
This text is in classical Middle Egyptian, so anyone familiar with this phase of the language should be quite at home here!


المشاركات الشائعة من هذه المدونة

علاقة علم الآثار بالتاريخ

علم آثار ما قبل التاريخ

معبد حتحور دندرة Temple of Hathor, Dendera